Back from the Pack Holiday – March 2010

What a great few days we’ve just had in Thorrington.  Akela’s maticulous planning produced a great event, which I know all of the cubs, scouts and leaders really enjoyed. 
The cubs and scouts planned their menu’s, drew up their shopping lists and cooked for themselves for the whole weekend, with fried breakfasts, chicken fajitas, Fairy cakes, Fruit salad, Apple crumble and shepherds pie’s all produced on time (most of the time) and tasting very good indeed.  Now, the thought of 30+ cubs and scouts, with 24 gas burners between them would scare most people, but they all did really well, worked very carefully and followed instructions to the letter.
However, as well as all acheiving their Chef’s badge they also had a chance to shoot air riffles, attack the 3D maze, hang upside down in the bouldering hut, have a go at defying gravity with the crate stacking and burn off a lot of steam in the forest (especially as part of the wide game, hunting the leaders – chink, chink).
All the pictures are now uploaded onto this website, so why not take a look.
Thank-you from us all to all of those involved in making this weekend such a success.

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