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Mission Statement of the Scout Association

The aim of The Scouts is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

We do this by providing an enjoyable, attractive and balanced programme of activities, based on the Scout Promise and Law, and guided by adult leadership.

What That Means To Us

Everything we do promotes personal development, confidence growth, self- respect, teamwork and leadership skills, with an emphasis on fun and adventure.

What do we do ?

Beavers – ages 6 to 8:

Meetings include a mix of team games, craft and skills-based activities (i.e. wildlife, safety skills, outdoor skills). Our Beavers also take part in indoor and outdoor weekends away, events and competitions with other Beaver Scouts.

Cubs – ages 8 to 10:

Cub meetings build on the skills learnt in Beavers, adding more life and leadership skills. Our Cubs enjoy a varied programme of activities, with badges ranging from Artist to Scientist! Each of our Cubs have the chance to vote on the badge they complete for the term and our leaders work hard so there is something for everyone. Like the Beavers, Cubs have the opportunity to attend around two camps (indoors and outdoors) per year, plus district sleepovers and competitions.

Scouts – ages 10 1/2 to 14:

Scout meetings build on the skills learnt in Cubs, and engage in lots more events and competitions. They have lots of fun, learning life and leadership skills and how to make a difference in their community. Our Scouts engage in lots of camping trips throughout the year, attending week long events like jamborees which attract other Scouts from around the world!

The 21st Romford Family: 

While each section has it’s own team of leaders, 21st Romford is a great big family. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts regularly meet up for joint camps and events, as well as for district events and the annual Church carol concert.

Who are the Leaders ?

All of our leaders are volunteers who give up their time every week because they love Scouting and seeing our young people achieve. Our leaders are:

Group Scout Leader: Matthew Edwards

Beavers- Team leader currently vacant, Andrena (Bear), Clark (Ant), Natasha (Fawn), Mark (Meerkat) and Charlotte (Swift). Young Leaders: Faith (Rabbit) and Amber (Parrot).

Cubs- Matthew (Akela: Team Leader), Sam (Dizzy), Corey (Kaa), Bonnie (Tarka), Will (Mowgli) and Amber (Chil). Young Leaders: Josh (Rikki) and Christian (Jacala).

Scouts- James (Team Leader), Rob, Michael, Jess and Corey.

Occasional Helpers: Richard C, Alicia T.

General Info:

Who – Any boy or girl from 6 years of age can join us.

When – We meet weekly during school term time on a Wednesday evening.

For safety reasons we don’t publish the times on the web, but please do email us for these details.

How Much – When you first come down we are happy for you to pay £2.50 per session. If you like it and wish to join then our normal subs are £40 per school term (3 terms per year)

Uniforms – Don’t worry about uniforms when you first come down. If, after the first few weeks you decide to stay then we can advise you on where to buy uniform.

Want more information? If you’d like to arrange to come down one evening or would like more information then please complete the contact form below.
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Contact Form:

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