Beavers – Welcome Back Letter


Dear Parents / Beavers,

Welcome back everyone, we hope you had an enjoyable summber break.  It was very eventful for us, as on 30th August, Amanda (Squirrel) married Simon (Hedgehog).  So now 21st Romford Beavers is run by "The Powell’s", Miss Claire, Mrs Christine and now Mrs Amanda!!  Should make it easier addressing letters to us!
Anyway, back to now, a new term begins, so that means subs are now due – £25 per child as usual.  We have lots planned for this term, so watch this space (or shall we say future letters) for details.
Just to let you know why there are different faces around for a while, Amanda is on honeymoon for the first two weeks and then Claire and Christine (Badger and Rabbit) are on holiday for the 1st and 8th October, so we will be helped out by Dave (Amanda’s father / Scout leader) and Mrs Harris.  We are very grateful for their help at this time.
Finally, just a reminer from last term:- please do not leave Beavers alone before 6.15 as we are not insured until then.  Also, please can you ensure that you pick children up from the top of the stairs, as we will not release them until you are on the landing.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Yours in Scouting


Claire (Badger) & Christine (Rabbit)

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