Cubs – District Scooter Rally – Runners-up

2nd PLACE – AMAZING 21st Romford, for the first time, won the Runners up Shield at the District Cub Scooter Rally on Sat 31st Jan 2009.  This was an amazing acheivement for: Louie, Michael, Maddie, Neve, Adam, George, Nicola and Daniel who only missed the top-spot by just one point.  The boys and Girls hadContinue reading “Cubs – District Scooter Rally – Runners-up”

Cubs – District Chess Competition

Sunday 1st February 2009 sees the annual District Cubs Chess competition.  Because of the number of Groups represented only two cubs can be sent from each group.  If your child would like to represent 21st Romford then please let me know.     So, what you need to know: Date: Sun 1st Feb 2009 Time: 1.45pm – 3.45pm Where: District Headquarters, ParkContinue reading “Cubs – District Chess Competition”

Cubs – District Scooter Rally – Sat 31st Jan 2009

The annual district Scooter rally will be held on Saturday 31st January 2009 from 1.30pm at Crow Camp. This is a great event, lots of fun (maybe a bit of mud) and very competitive boys and girls.  All Scooters are provided and a number of heats are undertaken around the especially laid out and marshalled track.  WeContinue reading “Cubs – District Scooter Rally – Sat 31st Jan 2009”