An amazing weekend at the District 2014 Franklin Shield Competition – Medals all round

We are so proud of Twentyfirst Romford’s Scouts. Our three teams, at this weekends Franklin Shield did amazing, with teams Fox and Girls winning the Roy Walker trophy for campfire cooking, team Lion coming third in the Franklin Shield and team Girls winning the shield.

This is even more amazing when you consider that this competition started in 1920, we first won it in 1928 and we last won it in 1976! (Back when we were 8th and 13th Romford). That’s almost 40 years ago. Out winning team was also the first ever girls team to win the shield.

Also a massive thank-you to 3GP (Mark H), 2Rom (Anthony , Julie , Sarah , Liz etc), 4CR (Colin) and the Thriftwood badge team for sharing your experience, knowledge and tips over the last couple of years to help us learn from teams around us.



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