It’s a bronze at this years Scouts Barton Challenge


Well done to Amanda, Neve, Chad, James and Regan for coming third in this years Barton Challenge.

Well what a contrast to last year, 2012 was all torrential rain, waterproofs and soggy feet. 2013 was sun hats, sunscreen and 3o in the shade.

Our three teams: Adam, Amanda, Becky, Chantelle, Chad, Daniel, David, George, Jacob, James, Jessica, Neve and Regan had a tiring, hot but good weekend.  They learnt things, had fun and were great ambassadors for 21st Romford.

Well done to 2nd Romford for their Gold position and 1st Romford for gaining silver.

Lets see if we can upgrade the Bronze for 2014.

Well done to all involved and a big thank-you to the District team for running a great weekend.



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