Scouts District Franklin shield competition

What a great weekend at the Franklin shield. Our team of Michael, Owen, Sam, Jonathan and Adam did really well. No silverware, unfortunately, but they had a great time, avoided the rain and did really well.

Franklin shield (and the incorporated Roy Walker cup) see Scouts and Explorer Scouts from across the district compete against each other to show their skills at various Scouting disciplines.

Our small but perfectly formed team (we had 5 members, but were allowed up to 7) did a great job, coming in 4th place for the Roy Walker cup (a cup dedicated to cooking, including backwards cooking activities), missing 3rd place by only 3 points (if they could have made a good cup of tea then Bronze would have been theirs).

For the Franklin shield most of the teams were fairly closely grouped. There were a total of 710 points at stake and our team ended up just 25 points away from the bronze position (and in fact they were within single digits of beating one of the explorer groups).

Who knows, maybe we could be Franklin shield winners in 2012. Especially if we can put a couple of teams in.

Pictures to follow.


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