Fundraising – The Results

Well done to the small band of regular Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Parents and helpers who have supported the fundraising during December.  We have raised a total of £913.88 during December from various sources, including: Romford Station – £310, The Mall Romford – £175.34 and Roots & Shoots – £206.54 (50% of R&S fundraising, as co-raising with 7th Squirels Heath).
For those of you who havn’t been able to support this years fundraising we would encourage you to join in.  The events are great fun, the children learn from the experience and we all help to secure the resource for the Group.  We are a charity, nobody gets paid for running the Groups on Wednesdays, camps and the various other activities.  As such, life is so much easier if we all pitch in for OUR group – a little help goes a long long way – Sorry, soap box moment over.
Anyway, have a great Christmas and New Year.  And thank-you all again for your support in 2009.

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