Family BBQ and Camp Fire – Sat 18th July 2009

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Family BBQ and Camp Fire on Saturday 18th July 2009, from 2pm to late.  Tickets cost £5 per family (maximum 2 adults) and include entrance, camp fire and all activities.   We’ll be holding the BBQ at Crow Camp (see the map section for directions) and are planning a packed agenda including: Water Wall, Water Rockets, Music, Raffle, Games, Scooter Time and Crafts.
We will have a BBQ and Tuck Shop (charged seperately, but as usual very good value for money) and, new for this year, adults are welcome to bring with them alcohol for the afternoon if they wish.   We hope to really create a party atmosphere, to celebrate the year, have some fun, have a great campfire and probably see a few leaders get very, very wet.
Tickets will be on sale for the next two Wednesdays, but don’t worry if you don’t grab one in time, just text: 07954 417673 and we’ll reserve one for you.

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