Cubs – Camp – 30th May 2009

The children had a great time putting their own tents up and packing them away at the end, collecting wood, cooking their own dinner and breakfast over open fire, making their own lunch, looking after their own kit, Learning a new Camp Fire song (in small groups) and teaching the rest of us, having some really great fun and hopefully changing their underwear (no guarantees).

I must say that all the children were superb, I think they learnt a lot, showed how much they have already learnt at evening meetings and showed all the promise of being amazing future scouts.

Sunday afternoon’s activities did descend into a water fight, but the weather was lovely so this was fine (although I never realised how drenched you can get just taking a few pictures – why not take a look).

I’m sure the children will tell you of their exploits and I’m sure they would love to thank: Akela (Vicky), JC, Owen, Gitza, Sean’ee, Dale, and Dave for a great camp. 

At camp, we also had a bit of a naming ceremony, giving the young leaders (Dale and Sean) their Jungle Book names.  Sean(ee) is now Baloo (the bear) and Dale is Mowgli (the man child).  We also reminded the children of Vicky and Dave’s names, with Akela (Vicky) the wolf and Rama (Dave) the Water Buffalo.


This has been a great camp, helping many of the children towards both their Campers badge and Entertainers badge. 


We’re now looking forward to the District camp in three weeks time!



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