Fundraising – The Mall Romford – Sat 14th March – 10am – 4pm

The Mall have once again kindly agreed to us advertising and fundraising on the 14th March.
Our exact location in the Mall is yet to be confirmed, however we will let you know as soon as we know.  You’ll remember that last time the Mall gave us a great spot on the ground floor, between the escalators, by Superdrug / Choice / Game etc and hopefully we will be there again.  If not, we will be allocated space on the first floor, most likely by McDonalds / Asda.


Please text ‘Scouts’ followed by your name to 07954 417673 to be added to our reminder text service so we can send you the exact location (there is no charge for this service, just your normal text tarrif to send the single text to us).


Please do come along and the support the group, it was a great day last time and we raised so much money.  Also, we now have stickers to give out which I’m sure we’ll all enjoy.

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