Beavers – Letter – 17th December 2008

Just a short note for the end of term.   Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 14th January 2009, by which time we hope to have organised a rota for the parents who have offered to help on a regular basis.  If there is anyone who has offered to help and has not yet received a CRB form, then please see one of the beaver leaders as soon as possible.  Fees for our spring term will be due on the 1st week back, these are £25 plus £10 capitation (Insurance etc).  This is the last time capitation will be a separate payment, the whole group will have a new fee structure in the next financial year.  This will consist of three equal payments of £30 (end April, September and January). 
If you have any financial difficulties please do speak to one of the leaders.
We hope you and your families have a lovely Christmas and wish you all a happy new year.  See you all in 2009.
Badger, Squirrel & Rabbit

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